Delivery conditions

In order to ensure a trouble-free logistics process, it is essential that the logistics and administrative conditions are observed.

These delivery conditions apply to all deliveries and are a part of our General Terms & Conditions.

1. Times for receipt of goods

Technomix AG
Gewerbegebiet Limbach 6
96178 Pommersfelden
Incoming goods are accepted from
Mon. – Thur. from 6.00 to 16:00
Fri. from 6:00 to 15:00
Other times are available by request only.

Attention! Unannounced deliveries will only be accepted and unloaded if there is sufficient incoming goods capacity. We do not accept any invoices for delay charges resulting from such waiting times.

2. Delivery quality

2.1 Delivery note

Your delivery note must contain the following information:

  • Supplier name
  • Delivery note number and date
  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Type part number
  • Detailed part description
  • Quantity
  • Batch (if applicable)
  • Address

Additional information for deliveries in returnable packaging:

  • Detailed description of returnable packaging
  • Type part number
  • Quantity

2.2 Delivery packaging

The goods for delivery must be properly secured and packed on undamaged pallets.

In addition, the following quality characteristics must be ensured:

  • Basic dimensions of pallets must be observed. Protrusions and projections must be avoided.
  • Bulging and/or crooked loading must be prevented by using effective transport securing devices.
  • Max. pallet height: 130 cm (including pallet)
  • Total weight must not exceed 1,200 kg
  • The load securing materials, such as the identification slip etc., must not be able to flap/flutter. They must be secured or attached in such a way that they do not cause any interference during automated storage.
  • Single-use packaging must be protected with edge protection and plastic straps on the longitudinal sides. Cardboard packaging must not protrude beyond the dimensions of the pallet.
  • The packages must be secured with plastic straps in such a way that safe transportation is ensured.
  • Please ensure that exchangeable load carriers (Euro pallets and mesh box pallets) comply with the EPAL norm.
  • Transport damages resulting from insufficiently packaged and/or secured loads must be borne by the supplier.
  • Only single-material pallets may be delivered. Deliveries of mixed materials must be labelled as such.
  • Cardboard packaging that cannot be stacked must be labelled with a “Do not stack” sign. A label must be affixed to both faces of the consignment, as is customary in the haulage sector.

2.3 Pallet exchange

The quality of the Euro pallets that are used must comply with EPAL norms, see

Only pallets from the European pallet pool are exchanged, on a one-for-one basis, and they must conform with EPAL standards in terms of dimensions, load capacity and condition.

We do not bear the costs for exchange and handover fees for loading equipment (e.g. Euro pallets and mesh box pallets).

In addition, IPPC guidelines must be followed.

2.4 Labelling of loading and packaging units

2.4.1 Ensure that the master label has been properly applied to the pallet, i.e.

  • legibly printed
  • applied in a visible place
  • securely attached

The following information is required on the master label:

  • Type part number
  • Total quantity
  • Supplier name
  • Delivery note number

2.4.2 Ensure that the individual goods label has been properly applied to the SLC or cardboard packaging, i.e.

  • legibly printed
  • applied in a visible place, i.e. legible from outside
  • in the dedicated SLC label holder (for cardboard packaging, please stick on the individual goods label)
  • properly secured (with easy-to-remove, residue-free adhesive dots or adhesive tape or self-adhesive label on the box)

The following information is required on the individual goods label:

  • BOSCH part number
  • Quantity
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier number
  • Lot number (if required)
  • Revision status
  • Ideally, residual quantities should be labelled with a yellow spot on the individual goods label

3. Miscellaneous

3.1 Shipments from third countries

Customs duties must be paid on goods from third countries (non-EU) before they are sent to us. Technomix will only accept customs-paid goods with the appropriate T1 transit declaration.

3.2 Transport costs

All transport costs incurred upon delivery or handover/pickup of parts shall be borne by the purchaser.

3.3 Packaging data sheet

Send us your valid packaging data sheet (PDS) for every part. Inform us on how to handle defective goods and provide us with the packaging materials and empties required for this in good time.

3.4 Legal requirements

The provisions specified in the recycling law, packaging law and current hazardous goods regulations shall apply to the product, the packaging and any hazardous goods respectively.

3.5 Deviating delivery conditions

Should deviating delivery conditions be unavoidable on your side due to the specifics of the goods, notify us immediately. Any special conditions shall only be regarded as agreed upon after written confirmation of such.

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