Invest in your own testing machinery and on-site quality assurance.

Ever considered the benefits of having your own in-house testing machinery? With over 30 years of expertise in professional, high-precision quality assurance and product testing, Technomix can provide you with tailor-made support, from custom design to hassle-free construction right through to efficient commissioning.

The first meeting is free and non-binding.

A sustainable solution – for the environment and for your bottom line

Looking to make a smart, safe investment in the future of your company? With your very own state-of-the-art inspection machinery you can secure some major advantages over your competitors.

✅ More precise in-house testing

Increase your precision in product development and optimisation with new, on-the-spot findings – quicker than ever before.

✅ More efficient operating procedures

Make your employees’ lives easier and efficiently accelerate internal factory processes.

✅ Self-sufficiency in your company

Lose your dependence on external suppliers and permanently reduce expensive and time-consuming logistical workloads.

✅ Improve your image

Impress your clients with more precise, more cost-efficient calculations and quicker delivery times. This will also boost your reputation.

Free, non-binding offers with quick response times.

Consultation, design & project management

By hiring us to design your own in-house inspection machines, you can take advantage of our comprehensive expertise and consultation service. You will be privy to the minute level of detail involved in quality assurance, so that you can then apply this knowledge to your own in-house processes.

During the construction phase, Technomix will take care of the project management, drawing on a network of experienced partners and suppliers which has been developed over decades. We’ll be there to assist you until your testing facility is actually up and running.

Here, we work with companies …
→ … who already carry out some quality assurance in-house and who wish to harness modern technology to a) optimise this or b) expand it.
→ … who have been reliant on external service providers up until now, and who wish to become more independent and flexible with their own in-house testing machinery.

Satisfy strict contract provisions and avoid complaints.

Why would we give away our 30+ years of quality assurance expertise? Wouldn’t this mean that companies no longer need us afterwards?

The answer’s simple. In many cases, manufacturers don’t want their products to leave the factory, or on-site quality assurance just makes more sense and is the greener option. However, the quality has to be right in order to avoid complaints and satisfy strict contract provisions stipulated by the client. This is where we can help.

Quality assurance has always been a cooperative business based on trust. That’s why we are interested in developing solutions that benefit everyone involved. These solutions can involve both the ongoing management of your quality assurance procedures and/or the targeted optimisation of your in-house processes.

Do you want to optimise in-house quality assurance or implement it for the first time?

Get in touch with us today and arrange an initial consultation with our experts. This is a free and non-binding service where we outline what we can do for you and the type of in-house testing equipment that can genuinely benefit your company.

We’ll get back to you in person as soon as possible.

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