Full service & logistics: The next step in quality assurance

Mounting, finishing and packaging, as well as all the logistics between your factory and the end customer – Say hello to PLUS material testing at Technomix. For leaner, more efficient processes and workflows.
Free, non-binding offers with quick response times.

Tailor-made efficiency for your company

Optimise the entire logistical process between your factory and the end customer – with Technomix as the ultimate intermediary for quality assurance and maximum service orientation.

We see ourselves as a service provider that thinks far beyond the usual limits of qualitative material testing. Our extensive range of services and logistics allows you to enjoy a genuinely trouble-free, resource-saving process – one that is also cost-efficient and, above all, streamlined to save you time.

Discover our range of services and arrange a non-binding consultation with us to find out what we can do for you at Technomix.

A full spectrum of high-precision material testing – and all the associated services you need.


Additional mounting services

Packaging services

Supplemental finishing and regrinding services

International customs clearing is included and, if required, your products can be delivered to your end customers under your name as white label goods.
We can screw, plug, stick etc. any individual parts to the final product – before or after the material test.
We can pack your goods securely according to your specifications – for return to the factory or for final shipment to your customers.
We can grind, drill, deburr, paint etc. your parts and components as required and then clean them afterwards.
Free, non-binding offers with quick response times.

Trust in the exceptional quality standards at Technomix

Just like in our material tests, Technomix strives for maximum reliability in all of our services and logistics, and is meticulous when it comes to following guidelines. This is how we built our reputation over the past 30 years. Trust in the exceptional quality standards at Technomix and outsource the jobs that continue to cost you and your factory both time and staff.

Free, non-binding offers with quick response times.

Technomix logistics in detail

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Goods delivery and pick-up on a roofed area at Technomix with up to 40-tonne articulated trucks
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On-site transport fleet or external haulage firms – maximum punctuality guaranteed
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Flexibly adaptable to your individual delivery schedules (e.g. Web EDI)
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Full customs clearing for international goods traffic
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White label (sent under your name) optional

What Technomix can offer you as a finishing, services and logistics partner


Win-Win-Win thanks to more efficient processes

Your products will ultimately reach your end customers quicker, cheaper and in better condition. Everyone benefits because you can rely on a first-class functional chain.


We flexibly adapt to your requirements

We provide our services where and when you need them. In our initial consultation, we determine exactly what you need us to do for you.


Fair prices from us = savings for you

You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t hear about Technomix sooner!

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