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for 30 years

With up to 200 million parts and components tested per year, Technomix can boast one of the highest outputs of any German company in the field of external quality assurance. This is thanks to our highly qualified testing specialists combined with advanced technology that ensure exceptional levels of precision in our industry. Let us tell you a little more about who we are and what we do.

From simple sorting work and visual inspections through to full-service quality assurance.

Technomix is the foremost partner for manufacturing companies who want or need to outsource the quality assurance of their products, while also demanding absolute precision, reliability and cost efficiency. We don’t see ourselves as a “run-of-the-mill” company. That’s because, over the last 30+ years, we have continually developed to become an outstanding market player with ISO 9100 certification and a holistic approach to everything we do. From our beginnings back in 1987 as a company selling IT equipment, we moved on in 1993 to sorting and visual inspections, before ultimately becoming the business that we are today, with our wide range of quality assurance services.

Advanced quality assurance. No ifs, no buts.

Non-destructive material testing

Extensive range of services

Just-in-time logistics

Consultation and machine design

for internal and external faults and irregularities, as well as correct dimensions – in some cases using high-precision, fully automatic camera technology

including final installation work, supplemental finishing and regrinding, as well as packaging services relating to material testing

including international customs clearance between your factory and Technomix, and also (by agreement) between Technomix and your end customer (white label if necessary)

for improved and more independent in-house quality assurance. For increased precision, more efficient processing and a better image with your end customers.

Manufacturing companies of all kinds rely on our extraordinary precision and reliable appraisals.

The parts and components we test hold together things such as cars and jet engines – which is why our customers demand the very highest levels of precision and reliability. And that’s exactly where our strength lies. We decided to specialise in the automobile industry early on and our client portfolio includes the likes of Bosch, who have been a satisfied customer of ours for the past 15 years. We have since become certified for the aerospace industry, a field in which we also provide support to some major companies. Ultimately, all manufacturing companies can benefit from our quality services – whether they are based in Germany, Europe, or even worldwide.

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Cutting-edge technology and meticulously selected inspection personnel: What Technomix can offer you.

✅ Maximum reliability

100% adherence to delivery dates and schedules, as well as clear, dependable test results – so you minimise contract risks while also avoiding complaints.

✅ High test volumes and precision, even under time constraints

We even take on jobs at short notice if unexpected defects crop up or customers receive complaints that require quick resolution.

✅ Value for money

Thanks to innovative camera technology, we can visually and dimensionally inspect many test specimens fully automatically. You benefit from the same levels of precision, but at a lower cost.

✅ Logistics & full service

At your request, we’d be happy to take care of additional assembly, finishing and packaging, as well as international reshipment of goods including customs clearing – even anonymously if desired.

Free, non-binding offers with quick response times.

Get to know our management team

“Every day, Technomix gives us the opportunity to make well-founded decisions that make a meaningful difference in the industry.”

Dieter Breuer


Dominik Breuer

Senior executive

Thomas Kraus

Senior executive

Jana Kolářová

Managing director

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