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Dimensional inspection

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Dimensional inspection in a nutshell

  • The purpose of dimensional inspections is to reveal dimensional errors, inconsistencies and intolerances in parts and components that can affect the quality, safety and functionality of a product.
  • All forms of dimensional testing belong to the category non-destructive material testing (NDT).
  • There is a distinction between direct and indirect dimensional inspection: Direct means that an absolute measurement is ascertained in the relevant unit(s) by directly measuring the product itself. Indirect means that (for products that are difficult to measure), a comparison is made with a reference object that has standard dimensions. That’s why the terms “absolute measurement” or “comparative measurement” are often used.
  • Depending on the testing instruments used, a distinction can also be made between analogue and digital inspections. The decisive factor here is whether the measurements are displayed in an analogue/mechanical or digital form.
  • Technomix offers all common inspection procedures at the highest possible levels of precision, such as length measurements, width measurements, gauging, surface inspection and angle testing.

Ensure that the dimensions of your products match their specifications.

For some parts and components, millimetres or even micrometres dictate whether they can be processed further as intended, and whether they can properly perform their function. Dimensional inspection helps to ensure this. It helps to prevent complaints and the contract risks and reputational damage that go along with them, as well as enabling error patterns to be recognised and manufacturing processes to be optimised.

In the automotive industry in particular, dimensional inspection is used to test the repeatability of processed products. Alongside visual inspections and other forms of material testing, dimensional testing is part of the quality assurance arsenal in manufacturing companies.

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Dimensional inspections precise to a hundredth of a millimetre.

Forged parts, bars, pipes, bent parts, stamped parts… the list of components whose dimensions need to be absolutely exact for further processing is nearly endless. And all the while the quality standards in the industry are rising. Every single year. But there comes a point when random sampling is no longer sufficient as a means of safely ensuring the quality of parts and components.

Ideally, dimensional inspections should be carried out on a piece-by-piece basis during ongoing production. Therefore, companies who cannot do this in-house need reliable partners that can offer outstanding logistics and high clock speeds with consistently high precision. This is where Technomix comes in. To accurately ensure the correct dimensions of your products, we use cutting-edge instruments ranging from optical-mechanical auxiliary devices to ultra-modern laser systems, through to fully automatic camera technology.

The dimensional inspection process at Technomix

→ Length measurement
→ Width measurement
→ Width measurement
→ Cross-section measurement
→ Gauging (tolerance range)
→ Surface inspection
→ Concentric running tests
→ Micrometre testing
→ Angle testing
→ …
We will provide you with a definitive appraisal on whether the basic dimensions, wall thicknesses or distances between individual parts of your product match their specifications. This will also allow you to ensure that the surface of your product is in flawless condition and doesn’t have any undesired roughness.

Still unsure about the benefits of dimensional inspection?

Technomix is regularly enlisted by companies, predominantly from the automobile and aerospace industries, that want to ensure that their customers receive only flawless products. Dimensional inspection is just part of our extensive range of services. Tell us what you require today and become one of the many satisfied customers who trust in the extraordinary levels of precision and reliable appraisals of our highly qualified inspection personnel.

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Dominik Breuer

Senior executive

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